Babylon Yacht Club Boat Ramp: PVA Fiber Reinforced Precast Concrete Case Study


During the late summer of 2011, Hurricane Irene hit the south shore of Long Island. Storm surge forces ripped up the submerged, 25’ x 16’wooden boat ramp used by Babylon Yacht Club. Previously, the ramp had become slick with algae leading several cars to lose traction and end up in the canal. Because of environmental regulations, the Babylon Yacht Club was required to have the ramp under water at all times. The previous conditions, in combination with the hurricane, lead the club to approach Roman Stone. They asked Roman Stone to design a precast concrete solution that would keep them from having to pay for additional costly permits and avoid de-watering situations. Using NYCON-PVA RSC15, Roman Stone’s engineering department created a precast design that involved placing two beams onto pilings that would support the 25 foot-wide-ramp in four sections (each four feet in length). This design brought the ramp up above the low water mark and allowed for a pour cast-in-place the rest of the way. A 1-½” deep form liner was used to provide traction for the boat trailers and was angled to allow the water to drain back into the canal as the tide went out. The ramp was installed in only two days, allowing Babylon Yacht Club members to utilize the ramp for an important, upcoming Regatta.

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  • Matt Scheuerer
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