Crack Control

Collage of Fiber Applications for Concrete with Crack Control by Nycon

Cracks in your concrete are a weakness. Strengthen your concrete.

A small crack, if not controlled can turn into a larger one which can lead to spalling and the creation of silica dust in the air.

To avoid these safety hazards and save yourself from paying for costly concrete repair you need products that will prevent cracking or restrain it. Most cracking is caused either by shrinkage or by bleed water exiting the concrete too quickly to provide adequate surface hydration.

At NYCON we offer Multimesh, Procon-F, and Procon-M.

Multi-mesh is proven to reduce craze cracking by slowing the flow of bleed water using hydrophilic fibers.

Procon-F and Procon-M are proven to minimize cracking in concrete by multidimensionally resisting shrinkage forces that cause cracking.

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Crack Control Products 

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Multimesh by Nycon are 8 denier, mono-filament nylon fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of Multimesh are controlling plastic shrinkage,thermal, and craze cracking in concrete.

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