PVA Fibers

Collage of Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Fibers for Concrete by Nycon

The Benefits of PVA Fibers™ by Nycon

  • can be used as a primary reinforcement in place of welded wire mesh and rebar.

  • have moduli of 25~40 GPa, that combined with tensile strengths of 120-240 ksi, mean your concrete will flex under loads that would cause other reinforcement methods to fail.

  • bond within the concrete on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding).

  • do not affect curing process chemically and can be used in any type of concrete.

At NYCON we offer RECS15, RSC15, RECS100, RFS400, RF4000, RMS702, and Tuff-Mix PVA fiber products.

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PVA Fibers Products 

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RMS702 by Nycon are ultra fine PVA fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol) for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). These fibers are commonly used in very thin applications where moisture and ductility are important. RECS7's small denier means your concrete can contain more fibers per in3. At 5 Denier (24 microns) filament diameter, it works very well with material flow allowing for ease in extrusion. These PVA fibers bond on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding) within concrete, creating a multi-dimensional network of tensile (240 ksi (1600 MPa) ) and flexural strength.

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