PVA Fibers

Collage of Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Fibers for Concrete by Nycon

The Benefits of PVA Fibers™ by Nycon

  • can be used as a primary reinforcement in place of welded wire mesh and rebar.

  • have moduli of 25~40 GPa, that combined with tensile strengths of 120-240 ksi, mean your concrete will flex under loads that would cause other reinforcement methods to fail.

  • bond within the concrete on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding).

  • do not affect curing process chemically and can be used in any type of concrete.

At NYCON we offer RECS15, RSC15, RECS100, RFS400, RF4000, RMS702, and Tuff-Mix PVA fiber products.

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PVA Fibers Products 

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TUFF-MIX™ creates ultra-high durability concrete for heavy impact and abrasion applications such as scrap yard slabs. This mix includes the additive polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that develops a molecular bond to the concrete, turning it into a composite that is more durable than plain, high-strength concrete. This added durability translates into a lower life-cycle cost and less maintenance. TUFF-MIX™ works because it slows down concrete damage by reducing the destruction caused by impact and abrasion. TUFF-MIX™ is available through our network of certified concrete suppliers.

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