Commercial Slab On Ground

Collage of Fiber Applications for Commercial Slab on Ground Concrete by Nycon

Why Add Nycon to Your Commercial Slab?

Secure the surface of your concrete for a more durable slab.

  1. Control Shrinkage Cracking Cracks caused by concrete shrinkage are unattractive and can make Precast concrete more vulnerable to freeze/thaw weathering and corrosion.
    Procon-MMultimesh restrain shrinkage cracking by creating a multi-dimensional network of tensile strength within the concrete.
  2. Reduce Bleed water The surface of your slab is your first defense against wear & tear and corrosion. Crazing compromises it. Multimesh reduces craze cracking by slowing the flow of bleed water using hydrophilic fibers.

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Commercial Slab On Ground Products 

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Procon-M by Nycon are  ¾” (19mm) mono-filament Polypropylene fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of Procon-M are shrinkage and thermal crack control. With a mono-filament diameter of 38 microns (0.038mm) this product provides the highest quality finish of the Polypropylene family of fibers.

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