Eliminate Welded Wire Mesh and the problems that come with It.

    1. Less Labor and Hazards – Not needing welded wire mesh means not needing additional labor to “hang” it. This can be a potentially hazardous step when using wire mesh.

    2. Shorter Application Time – Less rebound due to the elimination of the mesh and better compaction afforded by the fibers results in quicker placement of the shotcrete. This allows you to shoot thicker layers per pass rapidly decreasing the time and material requirements.

    3. Simpler Logistics – Wire mesh deliveries, storage, placement and labor to hang, are all eliminated, meaning less time coordinating.

    4. Reduced Material Requirements – Wire mesh is only so flexible, requiring that some surfaces be spanned and then filled with additional shotcrete. Shotcrete reinforced with Nycon fibers conforms to the shape of your surface, meaning you’ll no longer need to use more than necessary to finish a job.