Fortify your concrete and it's reinforcement against the elements.

    1. Control Shrinkage Cracking — Cracks caused by concrete shrinkage are unattractive and can make Precast concrete vulnerable to freeze/thaw weathering and corrosion.  Studies have show Polypropylene fibers to reduce free plastic shrinkage by about 30%.

    2. Increase Waterproofing — Fibers slow the movement of water though tiny channels within the concrete decreasing its' permeability.

    3. Better Corrosion Resistance — Corrosives can cause structural failure if they are able to compromise rebar or wire mesh reinforcements. Applications where synthetic structural fibers can replace steel reinforcement, the threat of rust can be eliminated entirely.

    4. Improve Production Efficiency — Setting up wire mesh takes time and labor. Using structural fiber in place of Welded Wire Mesh means you get the equivalent strength of WWM minus the hassle.