Flexural Strength

Collage of Fiber Applications for Concrete with Flexural Strength by Nycon


Concrete that flexes more, fails less.

Concrete that spans a distance will be under flexural stress, in which you are depending on only a small part of your concrete to handle a significant part of your load.

At NYCON we offer XL-100, AR-DM, RECS15, and SF Type I.

These fibers are proven to distribute a flexural load throughout the whole of the concrete by creating a matrix of added tensile strength.


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Flexural Strength Products

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XL-100 by Nycon are high-tensile macro mono-filament Polypropylene fibers specifically designed for use in concrete products for the purpose of providing shrinkage crack and thermal crack control as well as increasing tensile and flexural strength enough to replace welded wire mesh.

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AR-DM by Nycon are mono-filament alkali resistant glass fibers.This product is made for Dry Mix applications which generally have small volume placement and/or limited vehicular access.

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RECS15 by Nycon is an 8 denier, ductile mono-filament fiber used primarily to increase the flexibility and toughness of concrete. These fibers lend their 5700 ksi (40 GPa) of flexural strength to your concrete allowing it to bend where normal concrete would break. RECS15 is graphite-coated to aid in dispersion and increase strain hardening. These PVA fibers bond on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding) within concrete, creating a multi-dimensional network of it's tensile strength (240 ksi (1600 MPa) ).

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SF Type-I N

SF Type-I N “Needles” fiber products by Nycon are 0.2 mm diameter x 13mm mono-filament steel fibers designed for use in concrete products as a primary reinforcement. SF-Type-I Needles are coated with copper to resist corrosion.

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