Tuff Mix®

Extend the Life of your tipping pad
Save Valuable Time and Money

Concrete maintenance and replacement is the #1 overlooked expense of recycling facilities. Your concrete is a wear-part, and Tuff Mix® has proven to significantly extend the life of your concrete slab. Product Details

Same Process, Better Results

The installation process of a new Tuff Mix® slab is no different than installing typical concrete at your facility.

Ready to be Used within 48 hours 

Once your Tuff Mix® slab is in  place, your facility will be operational in less than 48 hours, reducing your downtime dramatically.

Available thru Local Concrete Vendors

Our team will work directly with your local concrete supplier to provide you with a Tuff Mix® slab designed to meet your expectations.

Long-Term Proven Results

NYCON’s patented mix design includes the additive polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), turning a concrete slab into a composite that is 5x more durable than even high-strength concrete.