Corrosion Resistance

Collage of Fiber Applications for Concrete with Corrosive Resistance by Nycon

No one wants rusty rebar or mesh.

At it's least harmful rust can mean stains on your concrete and at worst it can cause structural failure.

Mix designs meant to compensate for freeze/thaw conditions also increase potential for corrosion through oxidation. The same qualities of your mix meant to give water a place to expand in your concrete also allow that water to enter more easily. The presence of water and oxygen in the alkaline environment of cement are a recipe for reinforcement corrosion.

At NYCON we offer Procon-M, Procon-F and XL-100.

These fibers are proven to resist corrosion x times better than rebar or welded wire mesh, and still provide the structural reinforcement you need.


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Corrosion Resistance Products

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Procon-M by Nycon is a mono-filament Polypropylene fiber used primarily for shrinkage and thermal crack control. With a mono-filament diameter of 38 microns (0.038mm) this product provides the highest quality finish of the Polypropylene family of fibers.

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Procon-F by Nycon are macro fibrillated Polypropylene fibers used primarily for shrinkage and thermal crack control.

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XL-100 by Nycon are high-tensile macro mono-filament Polypropylene fibers specifically designed for use in concrete products for the purpose of providing shrinkage crack and thermal crack control as well as increasing tensile and flexural strength enough to replace welded wire mesh.

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