Composite Steel Deck

Collage of Fiber Applications for Composite Steel Deck Concrete by Nycon

Why Add Nycon to Your Composite Steel Deck?

Boost Efficiency, Safety and Reinforcement.

  1. Place a deck faster — A typical fiber reinforced deck can be placed and finished in the time it takes just to place the mesh.
  2. Place a deck safer — No mesh to trip over makes for a safer job site.
  3. Place a stronger deck — Smaller reinforcement materials mean smaller deflections and strain.
  4. Place a tougher deck — Fibers control shrinkage cracking which slows damage from corrosives and freeze/thaw cycles.

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Composite Steel Deck Products 

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XL-100 by Nycon are high-tensile macro mono-filament Polypropylene fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of XL-100 are shrinkage crack and thermal crack control as well as increased tensile and flexural strength enough to replace welded wire mesh.

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