Collage of Fiber Applications for Durable Concrete by Nycon
Protect the life of your concrete against impact and abrasion.

The energy of an impact or abrasion to your concrete will likely be concentrated on a small piece of your concrete, which is already, by it's nature, brittle.

In order to diffuse those forces you want to distribute them throughout the concrete so that the whole piece is sharing the load. Creating internal network of tensile strength does that and also minimizes the size and amount of cracks, chips, and pops that still can occur. Uniform bleeding helps with abrasion.

At NYCON we offer XL-100, SF Type V, RF4000 and TUFF-MIX.

These fibers are proven to diffuse the damage of impact and abrasion throughout the whole of the concrete.

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Durability Products 

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XL-100 by Nycon are high-tensile macro mono-filament Polypropylene fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of XL-100 are shrinkage crack and thermal crack control as well as increased tensile and flexural strength enough to replace welded wire mesh.

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