Enhanced Finish

Collage of Fiber Applications for Concrete with Enhanced Finish by Nycon

Turn a good looking piece of concrete into a great looking one.

Some jobs require form to be balanced with function.

One kind of product may provide adequate crack control but leave you glaringly visible fibers or even rust stains in the case of some steel fibers. You need a synthetic fiber that takes on the color of the surface around it and doesn't spread apart into smaller fibers during the finishing process.

At NYCON we offer RMS702 and Multimesh.

These fibers have been proven to have the low visibility and "no-fuzz" finishability due to their translucent appearance and mono-filament configuration.

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Enhanced Finish Products 

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Multimesh by Nycon are 8 denier, mono-filament nylon fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of Multimesh are controlling plastic shrinkage,thermal, and craze cracking in concrete.

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