Collage of Fiber Applications for Lightweight Concrete by Nycon

Concrete doesn't have to be heavier to be stronger.

If lightweight concrete is your goal, you're looking to leave metal reinforcement behind.

You want a product with comparable strength, but a low density.

At NYCON we offer any of our PVA fibers.

These products have been tested to significantly increase compressive and flexural strength of a concrete mix with only a minimal increase in weight (1.3 Specific Gravity).

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Lightweight Products 

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RF4000 by Nycon are 130 denier, mono-filament macro PVA fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol) for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of RF4000 are light-weight flexural strength and increased impact and abrasion resistance. These PVA fibers bond on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding) within concrete, creating a multi-dimensional network of it's tensile strength (120 ksi (800 MPa) ).

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