Macro Fibers

Collage of Macro Fibers for Concrete by Nycon

The Benefits of Macro Fibers by Nycon

  • are structural fibers that can serve as primary reinforcement under certain loads

  • can typically be implemented in the time it takes just to do welded wire mesh setup

  • increase post-crack strength with a flexural strength of 400 ksi (2.8GPa)

At NYCON we offer XL, RF4000, XL-200 and XL-100 macro fiber products.

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Macro Fibers Products 

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RF4000 by Nycon are 130 denier, mono-filament macro PVA fibers (Polyvinyl Alcohol) for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). The primary benefits of RF4000 are light-weight flexural strength and increased impact and abrasion resistance. These PVA fibers bond on a molecular level (hydrogen bonding) within concrete, creating a multi-dimensional network of it's tensile strength (120 ksi (800 MPa) ).

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