Steel Fibers

Collage of steel fibers for concrete by nycon

The Benefits of Steel Fibers™ by Nycon

  • increase the limits of your concrete with tensile strength ranges of 100 - 285 ksi

  • reinforce at a multitude of angles as opposed to only the few covered by welded wire mesh and rebar

  • reduce the damage done by impact and abrasion by diffusing the energy of those forces throughout the whole of the concrete.

  • increase post-crack flexural strength (29,000 ksi), supporting a load even after a crack has occurred.

At NYCON we offer SSF Type-I HE, SF Type-I N, SF-B, SSF Type V, and SF Type-V steel fiber products.

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Steel Fibers Products 

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SSF Type-I “Hooked End” steel fiber products by Nycon are cold-drawn mono-filament steel fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). These fibers specifically designed for use in concrete products for the purpose of primary reinforcement and are available in loose or collated versions. These fibers are stainless steel to resist corrosion and their hooked end configuration allows for a predictable failure point in their unbending.

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