Daragrout Expand
Daragrout Expand

Daragrout Expand


Daragrout Expand (ST) is an admixture predominantly used for the production of swelling mortars and concretes. It is also used for the manufacture of cementitious mortars with swelling properties for filling, injection into smaller voids for tasks in building and civil engineering constructions or underground structures.

Effective Component Aluminium powder
Form Powder
Homogeneity Homogeneous (tested acc. to DIN V 20000-101, annex A)
Color Light Grey
Dry Material Content > 95.0 m.-%
Bulk Density 920 ± 20 kg/m3
pH-Value 8.0 ± 1 (3% suspension)
Total Chloride Content < 0.10 m.-%
Water-soluble chloride content < 0.10 m.-%
Alkali Content approx. 0.5 m.-%
Storage Keep dry and well closed in original containers
Recommended Dosage 0.20–2.00 m.-% of cement
Delivery Form 25 kg sacks
Physiological Effect May irritate skin and eyes; see Safety Data Sheet
Shelf-life Approx. 1 year in closed original containers

Best results are obtained when Daragrout Expand (ST) is added as the last component to the mix after about half of the total mixing time. However, it can also be added to the concrete or mortar together with the gauging water.

Daragrout Expand (ST) forms micro air bubbles in the plastic cement gel in order to compensate the settlement by increase in volume. Swelling is finalized after 2–4 hours depending on ambient temperatures and proceeds slowly with little pressure so that the grout can encase all surrounding surfaces completely and fill the smallest voids. The formation of pores that effects the swelling is to be considered in advance by incorporating a strength reserve.

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