SF-B fibers are Type V steel fibers pre-blended with Multimesh synthetic fibers for use in creating fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC). Nycon SF-B fibers provide a superior, high performance concrete that is more resistant to cracking and impact and abrasion damage.

SF Type V steel fibers by Nycon meet the requirements of ASTM A820.

NYCON Multimesh fibers meet the requirements of ASTM C1116.

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Configuration Continuously Deformed/
Monofilament Mix
Tensile Strength Varies with design spec
Flexural Strength Varies with design spec
Filament Diameter 0.046” (1.18 mm) / 8 Denier (.038mm,38 microns)
Available Lengths 0.75” (19 mm), 1.5” (38 mm)
Aspect-Ratio 16.1/475, 32.2/1000
Melting Point 2760o F (1516o C) / 435oF (325o C)
Water Absorbtion Nil / 3% by weight
Color Gray / White
Elongation 3~4
ZrO2 Content NA

SF-B steel/synthetic fiber blend can be added directly to the mixing system during or after the batching of the ingredients and mixed at high speed for a minimum of five minutes. Additional mixing does not adversely affect the distribution or overall performance of SF-B. The addition of SF-B fiber blend at the normal recommended dosage rate does not require any mix design or application changes. A water reducer or super-plasticizer is recommended in concrete products where improved workability and finishability are desired.

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