Tuff Mix®

Tuff Mix®


Tuff Mix® creates ultra-high durability concrete for heavy impact and abrasion applications such as scrap yard slabs. This mix includes the additive polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that develops a molecular bond to the concrete, turning it into a composite that is more durable than plain, high-strength concrete. This added durability translates into a lower life-cycle cost and less maintenance. Tuff Mix® works because it slows down concrete damage by reducing the destruction caused by impact and abrasion. Tuff Mix® is available through our network of certified concrete suppliers.

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Configuration Monofilament/Monofilament Bundle
Tensile Strength Varies with design spec
Flexural Strength Varies with design spec
Filament Diameter .66mm (660 microns, 130 Denier), .038mm (38 microns, 8 Denier)
Available Lengths 1.25”(30mm)/0.375”(8mm) blend
Melting Point 435o F (225o C)
Water Absorbtion <1% by Weight
Color Yellow/White

Tuff Mix® can be added directly to the mixing system during or after the batching of the ingredients and mixed at high speed for a minimum of five minutes. Additional mixing does not adversely affect the distribution or overall performance of NYCON-PVA. The addition of NYCON-PVA at the normal or high dosage rate does not require any mix design or application changes. A water reducer or super-plasticizer is recommended in concrete products where improved workability and finishability are desired.

Industrial Slab on Grade, Scrap Yards

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